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Building the Throne with a side of Hustle. Join the conversation as we talk about the hustles of life, love, money, career, relationships and more....

Convo And Chill

Thanks to Convo & Chill the makers of the card game that "sparks epic conversations" with friends and guests for sponsoring this episode! Visit their ...
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Pretty Privilege

This episode we talk about "pretty privilege"! Does it exist and what is the impact on society. Heirs, you don't want to miss this tea!
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Red Truths, White Lies

This episode we talk about the impact of Indian Residential Schools on the Indigenous people of Canada. How are we going to honour their history while...
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The Real Estate Game

We chop it up with Lisa Awgu top relator and investor in the GTA with over 15 years of experience all about things real estate! Find out what you need...
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Girl Code?

Would you date or marry the ex of someone from your friend circle? Does "girl code" still exist? Get all the tea this episode as we discuss the Housew...
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Guilty On All Accounts!

This episode we share our thoughts about the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin case. DMX, the pandemic, and more! Heirs, join the conversation and let u...
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The Royal Tea

We had to weigh in on this conversation and share our thoughts about what Meghan, Prince Harry (and their young son  Archie) have gone through at the ...
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We are Black all year round but in February we are Blackity, Black, Black! This episode we discuss being Black 365 days a year,  micro and macro aggre...
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