I Chews You

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A podcast about cooking and eating Pokemon. Each week hosts Jeremy, Ben, Ian, and Evan come up with a new recipe for a randomly selected pocket monster and discuss how they will eat it.

127: Budew

Crack open your brewskis as cook up another delicious episode cheffing up Budew. We also come up with a monster, the Gamer's Clamato. Follow Us: https...
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126: Garchomp

Eating an airplane, what's up with that? Join us on a fantastic flight as we talk up eating Garchomp. Follow Us: https://twitter.com/ichewspod Email U...
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125: Honchkrow

Get your gabagool ready as we listen to what the head Honchkrow has to say about how to cook him. We also discuss Jeremy's desert adventures and the M...
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124: Lopunny

It's I Chews You after dark as the chef's get more than a little salacious with their Lopunny recipes. Never fear, for food is still here for another ...
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123: Dialga

The ICY crew is together in the studio for the first time and 20 months, and you better believe they are cracking cold ones to celebrate. We also cook...
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122: Gallade.

The ICY chef's hone their cooking chops for a whole episode dedicated to Gallade recipes. More importantly we expand the eating in the shower cinemati...
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121: Munchlax

Follow Us: We get the munchies this week as we chow down on Munchlax. Also the boys are almost back in town, and a very, truly, indescribable episode ...
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120: Gastrodon

Get your tummies ready for slug explosion as we cook up Gastrodon this week, and discover no realms of both cream and children's programming. Follow U...
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119: Lickilicky

Well it's a finger licking good time as we get going on our best Lickilicky recipes. So enjoy the taste sensation on this week's I Chews You. Follow U...
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118: Floatzel

We have recipes that Floatzels your boatzels as we talk about the delicious sea weasel. Also we improved pretzels and talk about how easily we are fel...
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