I Love you Man, but I Disagree

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Two Best Friends, one liberal the other conservative. This isn't your typical political conversation.


Jacob and Scott go head to head again on a local issue in Chicago. Lincoln Yards is a major development going in the heart of the city... but the proj...
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Ep104 President Trump

In the final episode of the first season, Scott and Jacob go head to head on our Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump
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Ep103 Taxes

Two best friends discussing Taxes. Personal income and business income tax as a revenue source to pay for our public services. But where do we draw th...
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Ep102 Immigration

Just because we have differing views, doesn't mean we can't be best friends. Check out our second episode of I Love You Man, but I Disagree. This mont...
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Ep101 Health Care

Two best friends, one liberal, one conservative -- both with plenty of opinions and deep respect for each other. You won't find any insults or partisa...
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