I Said God Damn! A True Crime Podcast

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I Said God Damn! is a true crime comedy podcast hosted by two besties, Stacey and Erin, with the occasional guest appearance from Erin’s dog, Karl. Listen every Sunday where they try to one up each other with the craziest true crime/mystery stories that make the world say, “GOD DAMN!”

145: Sneakin’ & Geekin’

This week Stacey tells us how Peter Reyn-Bardt, a man from Cheshire, England, confessed to murdering his wife, Malika de Fernandez, when a skull was u...
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144: Slippery Fish

This week Erin tells us about Leonard Lake, an American serial killer who attacked his victims in the mid 1908's at a remote cabin in the foothil...
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142: B’n N E’n N A’n

This week Erin tells us about Billy Raulerson Jr., a Georgia man who randomly shot and murdered 18-year-old Charlye Dixon, her fiance 19-year-old Jaso...
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141: It's the Same Branch, Bitch

This week Stacey tells us about the incestual case of Steven Pladl, who committed suicide after murdering his baby son, his daughter, and her adopted ...
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140: John Candy Lookin MF

This week Erin tells us about Paula Denyer, an Australian serial killer who was convicted of murdering three young women, and abducting another in Mel...
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139: Drought Shame

This week Stacey shares the case of Danielle Van Dam who was abducted from her home in Dec 2002 by her neighbor, David Westerfield, and her remains we...
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138: Aggressive Tongue Punch

This week Erin tells us about the shocking murder of 23-year–old Mackenzie Lueck, who was lured to the house of Ayoola Ajayi on June 17, 2019 in Salt ...
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137: Taxes 2009

This week Stacey tells us about the Miyazawa Family who were murdered in their own home in Tokyo, Japan and who’s murders remain unsolved to this day....
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136: Alligator Tails

This week Erin tells us about 22-year-old Virgina Krall from Los Angeles, CA who was convicted of the second degree murder of Yolanda Meraz in June of...
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