I Think, Therefore I Fan Podcast

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This podcast discusses philosophical themes in pop culture.

The Calamari Ring of Gyges

In this episode we discuss a variety of philosophical topics related to the Netflix series Squid Game. Along the way we complain about rich people and...
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Old MacDonald Told a Joke

In this episode we mourn the passing of comedian Norm MacDonald as we discuss the philosophy of comedy. Plato and Camus walk into a bar... Music in th...
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Am I Losing Me?

In this episode we discuss philosophical issues at the intersection of personal identity and death. As Billy Joel is want to say “Don’t go changing.”T...
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Hell is Other Rich People

In this first episode of Season 8 we take a look at some of the more noteworthy philosophical themes found in a couple of recent television limited se...
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For Hume the Bell Tolls!

In this episode we talk about David Hume’s thoughts on miracles and beliefs as they apply to that ugliest of pop culture phenomenon: the conspiracy th...
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A Selfie is Worth about 25 Words

In this episode we talk about challenges to living an authentic life in light of some recent trends on social media. We address the timeless question:...
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