Idioms and Idiots

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Every other week, we provide the real and completely made up origins of five idioms. Sandwiched between idioms are a rotating variety of segments including Portmanteau Corner, Word Advocacy Corner, and "Sports?". tl;dr Two people (idiots) talk about idioms (idioms) and other stuff.

Episode 009 - Bonus Episode

Welcome to the Genie's 10 minute tour of bloopers and rants cut from our first season. Just a little something to let you know we are still alive. You...
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Episode 008 - Hodge Podge

This episode is ship-shape and ready to sail off into adventure! Justin brings us a mish-mash of idiomatic phrases with a hodge podge of rhyming redup...
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Episode 007 - Horsies

This week, Ryan takes the reigns and trots on about horses. Stop yawning, it's not that bad! I cut out the dressage segment! In fact, we make horses b...
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Episode 006 - Thanksgiving

Let us all gather around the Thanksgiving podcast, sit down criss-cross applesauce, talk turkey, and enjoy some Turkish Guinea Fowl. Gobble-gobble-gob...
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Episode 005 - Crazy

This episode is just about CRAZY!!! Sorry. This episode is JUST about crazy; nothing else. We go cuckoo, lose our marbles, try to fix Ryan's problems,...
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Episode 004 - DEATH

This Halloween inspired episode is all about Death. We mad-lib our way through a haunted house, learn about a terrifying arthropod, learn about death ...
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