Idiots On Parade, the Too Ugly for TV Podcast

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Idiot Comedians Nathan Timmel and Jake Vevera crack wise for 30 minutes every week. Religion, politics, and complete nonsense are covered in depth. Or marginally. Whichever.

Episode 443: Covid Comes Home

This week, the Idiots discuss the anger over Andrew Yang forming his own political party, there's a little Squid Game talk, and then a glorious throwb...
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Episode 441: Another Ode to Covid

This week, the idiots discuss a few things vaccination, celebrities call for an end to Covid, and the Democrats whining about Donald Trump running in ...
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Episode 440: An Ode to Alabama

For the first time in recorded history, the state of Alabama recorded more deaths than births during a 12-month period. The idiots celebrate this mile...
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Episode 437: Mistakes Were Made

This week, the idiots discuss fragility, specifically as it pertains to stupidity. Reese Witherspoon cries when she sees a cartoon? Nirvana Baby Spenc...
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Episode 435: Unvaccinated Idiots

Do people listen to doctors and scientists, or cartoons? The answer probably won't surprise you. Also: a woman in Russia is suing McDonald's, because ...
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