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Ted and Aseem love food. Ted and Aseem love talking about food. If You'll Indulge Me is a podcast about food and language, because so much of how we talk about food determines how we experience it. Each episode is a new journey through the strange and endlessly amusing world of menus, branding, and food culture. So listen to Ted and Aseem talk. You'll probably like it.

Food Court: The Danish

Feeling that things were not combative enough, we are launching a new segment: the Food Court. Here, Ted and Aseem debate the fates of certain controv...
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Food Court: Vodka

Today in the Food Court, Ted and Aseem debate the fate of that most neutral (insipid? invitingly plain?) of grain spirits: vodka. Aseem presses for th...
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Food Court: Crudites

In the world of cocktail party snacking, not all munchies are created equal. Today, Ted and Aseem contemplate perhaps the laziest possible offering: t...
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Food Court: Avocado Toast

Today we take on the titan, the elephant in the dining room, the food of our times: Avocado toast. Can Aseem defend this once-humble fat-and-bread com...
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Curry is a spice, right? Or is it a soupy gravy-based dish? The fact is, nobody agrees on anything about curry (except maybe that it's the name of a g...
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Quiz: Know Your Scottish Food

In some countries, a dish's name is liable to be as bland as its taste. Not so in the wilds of Scotland. Join us for our very first quiz episode, in w...
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More than any other meal, breakfast reveals who you are. Or at least for English speakers, who you're supposed to be. Find out what James Bond and you...
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The Olive Garden

Welcome to the world of Hospitaliano! as we dive into the delightfully ridiculous language of the Olive Garden in our first episode. Learn what pairs ...
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