Illuminating Anorexia, Eating, Self & Body issues


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Anorexia and Eating Disorder Recovery Help with Health Professional, Author and Coach Michelle Sparkes

You can get free!

No matter how long you’ve been struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating, you can get free of the attitudes and behaviours that keep you...
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Spiritual Power

I believe at the heart of an eating disorder lies a deep-seated hunger for acceptance and security. How we see our “self” and what we believe about ou...
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Comfort, peace & hope

Have you ever felt deeply distressed, inconsolable or highly anxious? Right now in my country we’re grappling with the devastating impact of catastrop...
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Warning…danger ahead!

  I got caught in an ocean current on the weekend and it got me thinking how quickly we can go from being in control (“I’m okay”) to being out of cont...
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