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The Illusionary Podcast talks to different Canadian Magicians about their careers and influences. We talk about magic, illusions and life.

Episode 11: John Ha

John is a world class magician hailinng from the rain soaked beauty of Vancouver, BC. He's been a full time professional for the last 15 years working...
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Episode 10: Mahdi Gilbert

Mahdi is a professional sleight of hand magician, but he's also the only magician alive born without hands or feet. He's well known for fooling Penn &...
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Episode 9: Ryan Hayashi

Ryan has appeared at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Magic Circle in London and he stumped Penn & Teller on Fool Us. You may know him better as the...
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Episode 8: Sawyer Bullock

Sawyer has written for magazines, lectured at universities, won international awards and has even had his own tv show. He's passionate about magic and...
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Episode 7: Gwyn Auger

Gwyn is known for having one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen. She's a sought after magic assistant as well as an avid baker and dancer. This gi...
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Episode 6: Danny Kazam

He was sucked into the world of magic after watching David Blaine. Since then, he has transitioned into a top family entertainer in Saskatchewan. His ...
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Episode 5: Julie Eng

When you grow up in a magic family, straight jackets in the living room are the norm. It wasn't mine, but it was for Julie! She has grown up with magi...
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Episode 4: Todd Shapiro

If you're into magic in Montreal, then you've probably heard of The Amazing Todsky, aka Todd Shapiro. You may have even stopped by his magic shop (che...
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Episode 3: Carisa Hendrix

You may know her better as Lucy Darling (Or Dee Dee Darling), or you may know her as a fire eater, or an artist. Or you may know her as all of the abo...
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Episode 2: Josh Janousky

What do you do when over 150 people show up to your first performance? Listen now to find out how Josh handled a "small" show that got big, fast. Find...
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