I'm Not Paying For Dinner

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Tim and Johnny two cooks talk about food and life. Restaurant rants- what's great and what sucks. Cooking school- tips and techniques. Answering listeners questions and talking about life. Funny and informative.

Episode #18 Apocalyptic Ramen

The apocalypse continues. We have some great ramen. Check out Cooking with Clara on youtube for cheap food ideas from her life during the depression. ...
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Episode #17 The Apocalypse

The virus is making things crazy. How are the boys coping with it? Why is no one at the farmer's market? The zombie apocalypse is next. Crazy sites fr...
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Episode #16 Tacos & Burritos

Mexican food is the most common food in California. We talk about the best tacos and burritos out there. How do you build your tacos? Mexican cheese? ...
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Episode #15 Breakfast

Start your day with a great breakfast. But what will you have or where will you go? We have all the info for you. Eggs, pancakes, oatmeal and much mor...
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Episode #14 BBQ

Smoke your beans! That's Johnny's new catch phrase. BBQ sauces, smoked meats and best barbecues. What are the regional bbq sauces? We go over sauces g...
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Episode #13 Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are something all cooks love. What are some of our favorites? Cast iron pans and Dutch ovens. Ice cream makers and the Instapot . John...
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