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The Imaginary Player's podcastThe Imaginary Players podcast is cultural commentary by some sophisticated degenerates keeping you entertained every week The imaginary Players podcast is a safe space to unpack a lot of ideas and conversation relating to sports, hip hop and media. While navigating through our own lives and experiences.

"Racism Won"

The Players are back with Episode 127The Players touch on Netflix & Dave Chappelle(11:00) , Sex & Restraint(39:07) , Cheating & Relationships(50:00) ,...
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The Imaginary Players are back with Episode 126The Players speak on the wild increase in fraud and arrest amongst celebrities(28:31) , John Recaps the...
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"Are You Snooki"

The Players are back with Episode 125. The Players speak on Healthcare workers & Vaccination(19:39) , Will Smith & Open relationships(48:00) , & So mu...
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"She's Daddy"

The Players are back with Episode 123 The Players speak on the Ja Rule Vs.Fat Joe(44:20) , Nicki Minaj(53:11) , Brittany Renner(58:22) , State of Hip ...
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"Trust Me Bro" feat J4yKing

The Players are back with Episode 122 feat the rap artist J4yKing. The Players pay their respect to Michael K.Williams(6:15) ,  Kidney Cancer Research...
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"Jake From State Farm"

The Players are back with Episode 121The Players speak on the charity tournament(10:41) , John Speaks on his accidental high experience(11:55) , J.R S...
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"Tony Hawk"

The Players are here with Episode 120The Players speak on the upcoming Summer Classic charity event(13:00) , Onlyfans(20:40) , Tony Hawk(43:32) , & So...
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" The Equalizer"

The Players are back with Episode 118 The Players start with a breakdown of the upcoming charity event. The players speak on Cuomo(15:50) , Tyler the ...
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