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Ever wonder what it's like to be a twin? Identical twin sisters, Lauren and Madison, will have you feeling like their triplet as they dive into topics with stories, insights, and humor from a twins perspective.Intro: "like you lots" - LANYOutro: "Stay Right There" - Airia

Episode 48 - Miserable and Magical

The girls give an update since season 2, explain why Lauren threatened to never talk to Madison again, and why Lauren was blacklisted from a sorority....
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Episode 47 - Doubtful Rumors

This week we discuss our current Minnesota obsession, an embarrassing thing you do in the office that shouldn’t be embarrassing, and the realities of ...
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Episode 44 - Every Other Time

This week we discuss why we hated last week's episode, putting on a bikini after a long winter, and some of the crazy punishments our parents gave us ...
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