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Episode 5

Holla! It's been a long time...and they shouldn't have left you! So what have they been up to?
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Episode 4 Relationships

Here's a snippet in which the girls discuss older men, online dating and Matthew McConaughey...I may need a moment...
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Episode 3

After a long delay, the ladies found time to sit down and talk about intelligent and political insightfulness and then garageband crashed. So then the...
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Episode 3.1 Facebook Rant

In this snippet, Jalon discusses her current gripe with Facebook...well, more specifically the way some of her friends use it.
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Episode 2

In this episode, the girls discuss the Holidays, brown skin, the decade that was, girl....friends, nicknames, Porn...ah, I mean Independent films, and...
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Episode 1

In this episode, Episode 1, we get introduced to the girls of
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