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Queer artist, Sami Lane (AKA Freak Daddy), and their guests explore all topics taboo with vulnerability, compassion, curiosity, and a healthy dose of humor. Chime in on the conversation: FREAKDADDYWORLD.COM/IMPURITYPODCAST

Ep. 04 - Trans Identity with Amo

Sami Lane is joined by musician, actor, and trans activist, Amo, to discuss music, social media, deconversion, and trans identity. Get involved with t...
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Ep. 03 - Sex Educator, Kai

Sami Lane is joined by sex educator, Kai, to discuss solo play, non-monogamy, educating and protecting kids, and creating safe spaces. We also discuss...
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Ep. 02 - Gender Binary

Sami Lane is joined by Haley Noelle and Seth Nathan Green to discuss Haley’s work in the sociological study of gender, the importance of education, an...
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Ep. 01 - Conversion Therapy

Sami Lane is joined by Jackson Thrive and Haley Noelle to discuss conversion therapy. Get involved with the conversation: FREAKDADDYWORLD.COM/IMPURITY...
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Ep. 00 - Welcome to Impurity!

Welcome to Impurity! I’m Sami Lane, the artist behind FREAK DADDY. I’m so excited to share these conversations with you. I share stories and ideas wit...
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