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Season 15, Episode 35

Dread and loving it. I haven’t spent much time with Metroid Dread since its release but what little time I have spent with the game has been enjoyable...
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Season 15, Episode 34

That thing you do. You know the thing. Where you say you won’t do something but you end up doing it. Almost every single time. I was able to sell my l...
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Season 15, Episode 33

Let’s make a deal. And boy did we ever. Rarely will I ever shill for a store. For one, on the air, I can’t really do that. Not unless they pay for it....
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Season 15, Episode 32

I don’t need no game to tell me what to do. But I sorta miss instruction manuals. Back before I could drive they were quality reading on the way home ...
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Season 15, Episode 31

You could hear the complete change in tone I had in my voice as soon as RJ said he’d fired up Destiny on the PS4. And it isn’t like it was his first t...
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Season 15, Episode 30

Push the button. Get a reward. Push button. Get reward. Button. Reward. This is every video game, ever, when you get down to the fundamentals of it. A...
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Season 15, Episode 29

First things first: No show next weekend. Secondly, the video for this episode might seem a little different since we’ve switched studios. This room h...
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Season 15, Episode 28

I really want to play Humankind. And I can actually play it right now with my Gamepass subscription. It isn’t on the console versions but it is on the...
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Season 15, Episode 27

We had something brought up in this episode that I haven’t given thought of in more than 25 years or so. Probably longer. And I probably only thought ...
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Season 15, Episode 26

If the same thing that’s happened at Activision took place at another company that you support by playing their game, would you continue playing it? I...
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