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In The Neutral Zone was hatched as an idea by Aleks, Scott, and Daniel when we all decided that we talk hockey all night on Xbox, why don’t we get some equipment and make it into a podcast. This idea came about in early June 2018 and quickly came to fruition. Although we are all from Southern California and big Kings fans, we are all huge HOCKEY fans first. We keep our opinions unbiased (for the most part) and we will discuss the following: - NHL News (rumors, trades, free agency, etc.) - Fantasy Hockey - NHL Draft (preview/predictions/recap) - ALL things NHL - Kings News (needs, targets, rumors, etc.) - And even a beer of the week! Although we are doing this for fun, we are hoping to be able to gain a following and get even more people to enjoy our blabbering (there will be a lot of it).

Episode 78 - How Retro Can You Go

Time has really flown by in 2020, we look up and it has been 3 weeks since we last recorded. The offseason has moved along much slower than normal, bu...
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Episode 73 - No Asterisk Needed

2020 has been a real mother fucker, but what these NHL players just did for 60+ days to deliver us an amazing postseason and Stanley Cup Final cannot ...
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Episode 71 - Curtain Call In Vegas

Vegas made their way to the Western Conference Finals again, but the dreary (White)clouds of postseason failure crept up and snatched away hope again,...
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