In the Open

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Join Mental Health America as we have open conversations about mental health. We're a group of people who want to change the way our communities talk about mental health. On this podcast, we share our lives, fight in the open, and work together to just figure things out.

What Makes A Good Friend?

America and Theresa explore the traits that make good friends.  They both ask each other whether they feel they are a good friends and why. They discu...
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I Hold Grudges

America and Theresa talk about the positives and negatives of holding grudges. America recognizes she holds grudges and she explains how she sees it a...
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I Feel Awkward

Theresa and America talk about feeling awkward. They share instances when they’ve been awkward around people and they try to get to the bottom of why ...
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Depression in Fathers

America and Theresa are joined by Kevin Seldon to discuss depression in fathers. Kevin shares his feelings of depression and how it became harder when...
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How To Deal With Being Ghosted

Melanie submitted a topic to the podcast about how to deal with being ghosted. America has dealt with a lot of ambiguous loss and this topic brings up...
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Breaking Up With A Toxic Person

Theresa and America remember the times where they broke up with toxic people. There is a discussion about all the different types of relationships tha...
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