Incompatible Podcast

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Two Muslim-Americans decide to let the world know what it's like growing up and living in the US.

Episode 12 - Hitting the Ceiling

After a short hiatus, the boys are back with their buddy Moemen to talk about what it's like being a Muslim in America. Did you know every Muslim has ...
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Episode 11 - Inside the Outgroup

On this week's episode, the boys return for the first episode of 2018! Another guest stops by to talk about his experiences assimilating as an America...
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Episode 9 - Organized Chaos

This week the boys invite three special guests for an impromptu podcast the day after Thanksgiving. Get ready for a different kind of podcast with mor...
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Episode 8 - Mercy and Controversy

Were you hoping for a safe podcast that'll make you feel good inside? Not today! Get ready for a show packed with controversy as the boys delve into i...
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Episode 7 - Separation Anxiety

In this weeks episode, the boys once again delve into a discussion of gun violence (Sutherland Shooting), the entertainment industry and the fall of K...
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Episode 5 - Gender Fender Bender

Today the boys talk about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the related events, social norms that women must face daily in different cultures, and how ...
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