Indecisive Idiots

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Indecisive because humans are too weird to choose just one thing about them... a podcast! ?‍♀️

Ep. 16 Weddings

Welcome back Leah! This week we dive deep into something we may never experience, WEDDINGS! Kidding, of course. Take a seat (or you can stand), grab a...
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Bonus Episode: Indecisive Colleen

Welcome to our first bonus episode! This week we have a very special guest… the one, the only, COLLEEN!!! We laugh, we cry, we pee our pants…? Colleen...
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Ep. 15 Grocery Store Mishaps

Hello and welcome back! Long time no talk! This week we give some super fun facts and talk about how Leah tried adopting a new dad at the grocery stor...
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Ep. 14 TV Show Heros

Hello and welcome back to Indecisive Idiots! This week is all about McDreamy, McSteamy, and all the other McGoodlookingPeopleOfGreysAnatomy! We play a...
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Ep. 13 Powerful Women

WHO RUN THE WORLD??? That's right, GIRLS! This week we get inspirational, we get personal, and we get FEMALE. Join us and listen to how we preach abou...
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Ep. 12 Roadtrips

Hello and welcome back! This week we get tell true tales of road trips. Fun facts and even more fun stories. So buckle up folks! We're comin' around t...
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EP. 11 Birthdays

Annnnnd we didn’t introduce ourselves once again. Yikes. HELLLOOOO and welcome back to Indecisive Idiots! This week we talk birthdays, in honor of one...
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Ep. 10 We're Not All Straight

Hey, hi, how ya doin? Welcome back to Indecisive Idiots! Today we discuss some of the history behind Pride month, have the gain on our mics up a bit t...
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Ep. 9 Festivals

*WARNING*WARNING* No dolphins were harmed in the making of this video!! But some festival goers were! This week we come to you LIVE from Allie's glori...
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Ep. 8 Worst Fashion Fads

Knock knock. Who's there? Leah in a polo.WELCOME BACK TO INDECISIVE IDIOTS!This week we dive into some of history's worst fashion fads. Bermuda shorts...
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