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Episode 15: E3 Realities

On this special E3 edition of Indie Dev; John, Rob, and MattyD discuss the highs and lows of the E3 press conferences. We talk about the biggest surpr...
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Episode 14: Intern Madness!

This week on Indie Dev, John learns he should write down news ahead of time as he forgets to mention Mortal Kombat X, Battlefield Hardline, and exciti...
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Episode 13: The E3 Prophecies

The intern parade continues as Robert Koe joins the podcast to talk about his character-a-week blog, Dark Souls 2, Ground Zeroes, and E3 predictions. ...
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Episode 12: New Blood

We’re joined by Graphite Lab intern Brad Austrin to talk about the trials and tribulations of becoming an intern at Graphite Lab. Also, we talk about ...
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Episode 11: You, Me and Davey G

Mix master Davey G joins the crew to drop down some sick beats. He’s also here to discuss the new Hive Jump weapon system, H. R. Giger, crazy new XBox...
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Episode 10: Clash of Crayons

We got artists all up in here this week as we talk about all sorts of artsy topics such as Monet, optical illusions, Soul Calibur, and Clash of Clans.
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Episode 9: The Blue Blood Blues

HIVE JUMP GETS GREENLIT!!! Also, we take a long look back at the rich history of this very podcast, talk about Dark Souls 2, and discuss the one of th...
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