Inner Peace and Happiness

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Happiness is a choice we can make every day . Finding our inner peace can lead to long lasting happiness.

Shlokas From The Bhagavad Gita

The essence of the Gita teaches us the true way of life and thus helps us attain enlightenment, inner peace and true happiness in our lives. I will go...
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Happiness lies within our own heart and mind. Happiness should be a lifelong goal. Happiness is powerful. It can transform our lives. --- This episode...
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Developing Positive Attitude

When we face challenging situations in our life, we find ourselves surrounded by fear, worries, stress and anxiety which then grow in a self-perpetuat...
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Peace of Mind- Om chanting

Peace of mind is the key to our overall wellbeing. It is directly related to happiness and inner peace. The more peaceful and calm our mind is, the le...
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Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

Happiness is a choice we can make everyday. Happiness is related to inner peace. This episode is about some ways to reflect on our inner real self in ...
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