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Lyndsay and Fish get together every week to discuss everything from current events and social issues to what's happening in the random world of entertainment.

Remembering a legend

We kick off the podcast by taking a look at what the guys have been up to since last pod. 05:07 Giving condolences and prayers to Tommy "Tiny" Lister ...
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It's scary out there! | Episode 11

In this unfortunately posted after Halloween recorded pre-Halloween episode we take a look at the BET Awards, thoughts on the new Borat movie, the imp...
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When was America great again?

Lyndsay is leading the ship! In this episode we look at the shape of America while taking time to discuss truly important topics like Nelly's backflip...
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Carpool Chronicles

We're tryings something new! Every morning we have these random conversations and we thought "Why not record them and give you guys a taste of inside ...
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Oreos and Sour Patch Kids

Oh...Hey! Didn't see you there! In this episode we discuss Adele's new hairstyle, Bella Thorne messing up only fans for Fish, Niecy Nash's Wedding, we...
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Guess Who's Back?!?!

Did you miss us? Have you never heard us? Either way...WE'RE BACK!!!!In this episode your hosts Fish and Lyndsay tell you where the hell they've been ...
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Wakanda Forever

Chadwick Bowman will never know the impact he's had and will continue to have on future generations. More than T'Challa, more than The Black Panther, ...
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Everything is fine? (solocast)

Hey there....It's been a while. How are the kids?This is just an update. We're coming back btw!! Wanted to take the time and have a solo podcast while...
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Episode 4: The not sober one

This is the one where we drank...a lo! Tune in as we attempt to talk conspiracy theories, pop culture news, movies, video games, travel, politics........
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