Inside The Poet's Studio

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Inside the poet's studio. Picture a rustic studio with papers, old books,paints and an artist covered in paint and paper mache. Sit and let have a conversation together sing even or read some poems. Welcome to the poet's studio #HumanityAslave

Humanity : screw humanity

Screw humanity piece; is a teaser of a whole new series that will be broadcasting. What is the meaning of life ? Why are we here . Join me in this ins...
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The what’s if/fear

Hello ! Beautiful humans joined us at the poet’s Studio and we spoke about fear and how it paralyzes us when we are needed to show up and baby Thayu i...
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Humanity a slave/ poem- Trapped

Just picked up my old book and just reading you a piece I wrote when life seemed too complicated. At an age where I questioned even my existence. Have...
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