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Giving inspiration to people on how to redirect old habits of thinking. While promoting healthy thinking towards self and others to achieve the act of truly liv'n Life. Applying my inspirational tools on a daily basis ridding the negativity and it is what it is thinking towards self defeating habits . The individual will gain a sense of balance while achieving a higher level of self esteem. Support this podcast:

Liv'n Life from darkness to lite

Jacob speaks more in-depth on the continuing need for change. Liv'n Life the process of change over coming your fears. Accountability for our actions ...
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Liv'n life vs. Pandemic

Jacob speaks out covid-19 is real and not a hoax. It is the responsibility of everybody to mask up social distancing proper sanitation quarantining if...
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Jacob speaks out

Jacob gives a reality check on his personal struggles and concerns. Reaching out to the audience with a challenge in improving our duties as human bei...
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Losing love ones: Jacob speaks out

Jacob speaks about his thought's and feelings towards the lost of a love one. In this episode Jacob gives a farewell to the passing of his father Jaco...
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Liv'n Life politically or not

This segment gives the audience a reality check on the infringement of political corruption, and the sociatal effects it has on the citizen. Exposing ...
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This segment is about taking action. You will begin to apply the steps needed to the concept of Liv'n Life. Every positive step you make in improving ...
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This segment of Liv'n Life encompasses the core steps in doing a self assessment on yourself. Then allowing yourself change from the old self , to bec...
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