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INTER- is an exploration into the intersectional, intercultural, and interdisciplinary world of diasporic Asian artists practising in Melbourne, Australia. Inter- seeks to tell stories, share experiences, make art, write narratives, and speak truths.

"Advance Australia Fair" Teaser

Stay tuned for our season finale... A whole episode with 6 loud Asian Australian voices! All the guests from season 1, Andy, Ahila, Cindy, Francis, Ni...
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"Dadalhin" with Ninna Aguirre

In this episode of INTER-VIEW, Ninna Aguirre breaks down the intricacies of a family in migration, using art as escapism, as well as beauty standards ...
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"Làm Dấu" with Francis Cao

This episode's guest is designer, digital artist, writer and creator, Francis Cao, who navigates liminal and complicated spaces between being Vietname...
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