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An overview on thoughts and lessons we have gleaned from 30+ years of helping clients from all over the globe meet their wealth-building goals.


The great lesson of markets. Those who can react the least and stay focused on the long-term, tend to see the best results. Sure some years stink...bu...
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All the angst over Brexit and it has served as nothing more than another opportunity to take advantage of panic - or in this case "Branic." The dust w...
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While too many fret over every element in the news, data are improving on several fronts for the US. It seems pretty consistent - when other regions o...
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Data are improving, jobs are solid, personal income rising, mountains of cash in the bank and we are in the midst of the early stages of the latest ea...
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Even as the masses crawl from one headline problem to the next, the real surprise is the markets are setting up to reach all-time highs far sooner tha...
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One would think that all-time highs would have rung in an enormous number of bulls. Indeed, that could not be farther from the case. Data show we now ...
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Here we are - new highs. And almost no celebration. I think I saw two headlines. This is good news for long-term investors as fear remains deep-seeded...
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In this episode we simply remind everyone that the "angst" (wasted) over Brexit will surely last for awhile, or until the media can find a new monster...
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Hard to believe but the second quarter has come to a close and half of 2016 is already behind us. Let's take it as a lesson: stop wasting time followi...
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As we all prep for a long weekend break which typically markets the middle of summer for kids out of school, the markets have almost completely recove...
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