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Irrational Passions Podcast is the flagship show of, an independent video game website all about games, how we feel about them, and talking about them with friends. Join Alex O'Neill, Scott Guthier, Brian "Nabeshin" Jackson, and Tony Horvath every week, with sometimes a guest, to talk games, the latest in video game news, and answer questions from our listener base. You can watch the show's recording live every week on and hear the edited audio version here every Tuesday.

500: The Final Title

Nabeshin is back, and we missed having Tony here, but it’s a fun, relaxed episode 500, talking about games, looking back, and contemplating this Steam...
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499: Scott's Bod!

Nabeshin returns and the gang has a blast all together again just chatting about some video games!   Audio Version Timestamps: 00:58 - Intro’s & House...
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498: The Bad Runescape Bet

We are on the precipice of E3 and possibly a new Switch so of course we’re gonna talk about Destiny, some PC-exclusive games, make abstract bets on E3...
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497: (Yes) Furries Allowed

It's weird town vibes because everything is out of wack, but there is new Destiny to talk about, people are excited about Ratchet and Rivet, and more ...
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495: No, no shut up– Those Suck

We took some time off while Alex was sick (even though this episode is very late also) and now we’re back and how was March? Audio Version Timestamps:...
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494: Avatar the Last VRChatter

We are back again (this time later than ever) and Tony has finally entered the VR-Sphere! Audio Version Timestamps: 00:43 - Introductions, greetings, ...
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492: GameStonks

Jarrett and Scott educate us all on the Stock Market and also we played some crazy video games. Audio Version Timestamps: 00:41 - Intro & Housekeeping...
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2020 Game of the Year: Day 5

This is the Irrational Passions 2020 Game of the Year Discussion! Join Alex O’Neill, Jarrett Green, Mike Burgess, Scott White, and Quin Hoffman in our...
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