Is This What You Want?

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Comedians Matt O'Brien and Julia Hladkowicz talk about the latest trends and why they don't get them.

#70 - Viva Wine Vegas!

Matt and Julia goto wine country AND Vegas in the same week and they take about THE WHOLE THING is THIS what you want? two idiots talking about a thin...
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#68 - Oh Murphy!

another week another SCORCHER and we DO mean the heat wave! Matt and Julia have an out of town gig in wine country and they dissect it like the social...
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#67 - JFL Gags vs. The Olympics

Matt and Julia have ANTS STILL and you're going to hear about it! also it's a holiday weekend and Julia thinks of the greatest prank which they both J...
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#66 - The Beast

Matt and Julia are BACK and Julia has a CRAZY audition she just MUST DO and Matt continues his battle with the ants as well as his career!
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#65 - Ant Salad

MATT AND JULIA GOT A HOME (rented a home) and let me tell ya they are going to TALK. ABOUT. IT.
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#64 - Matt Goes TikTok

it's a new week and WHAT A WEEK we have HUGE updates from our house hunt, juicy warm and fuzzy feelings, and TikTok EXPLODES for ONE OF THE HOSTS
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