Is This Working?

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The tools we use to work have changed drastically, but how we work hasn’t. In this podcast, we explore how we can make work better for everyone. Is This Working is hosted by journalist Anna Codrea-Rado and writer Tiffany Philippou. Each week we challenge conventional views about work by taking on topics like mental health, productivity, office culture and even what the modern way of working means for our relationships. This isn’t about the future of work, this is about what’s happening in work right now.

Love and work with Natasha Lunn

It's the season finale! And this week Tiffany interviews author and journalist Natasha Lunn. Natasha's new book, Conversations on Love explores love i...
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Otegha Uwagba on toxic workplaces

A conversation with best-selling author Otegha Uwagba on toxic workplaces, privilege and money.LINKS:We Need to Talk About Money:
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Is coaching bullshit?

A nuanced discussion about coaching, courses and work shame.LINKSOnline courses are exploiting the unemployed:
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Where's my ambition gone?

A conversation about ambition – it's more complicated than we realise. LINKSWhy some people are more ambitious than others:
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Do I have burnout?

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