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To be an apprentice of Jesus means to order your life around three goals: Be with Jesus, Become like Jesus, and Do what Jesus did. Fr. Ryan Ford, the pastor of St. John and St. Joseph Parishes in Ishpeming, MI, brings you up-to-date with the content of his weekend homily, where he teaches the why and how of one of the practices of the way of Jesus. Fr. Ryan and the Parish staff also keep you in the loop with what's going on in the Parishes and how you can plug in as a member of the Ishpeming Catholic Parishes.

The path to glory

Jesus teaches us the true meaning of baptism and the Eucharist when he calls James and John to follow Him in service and suffering.  In this episode, ...
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True Greatness

Jesus turns our idea of greatness upside-down and teaches us the way of humility and service.  In this episode, Father Ryan contrasts the wisdom of th...
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Living by Faith

What does it mean to live by faith?  Faith is acting towards a future that is not yet here.  In this episode, Father Ryan examines how everyone lives ...
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Spiritual deaf and mute

Isaiah predicted a coming King who would open deaf ears and blind eyes and pour out the Spirit like water upon us.  In Jesus, we see and hear God inca...
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One mind and heart in the Spirit

Happy Pentecost Sunday!  The Holy Spirit unites us firmly together in one mind and heart in Christ.  In this episode, Father Ryan draws from Acts 2 to...
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Easter 2021 Week 6

Jesus commands us to love because love is not a feeling, but a choice.  Love is in the will.  We choose to love.  In this Mother's Day episode, Father...
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Easter 2021 Week 5

"Are you saved?"  This should be a burning question for all of us, and this weekend's readings give us signs by which we can know whether we're walkin...
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Easter 2021 - Week 1

Jesus' resurrection is the fulfillment of the Scriptures, and the affirmation of his unbreakable union with us forever.  In this episode, Father Ryan ...
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