It Doesn't Just Appear

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This podcast tells you the stories of antique treasures found by “pickers”, and how they arrive into shops. It is not only amazing, but funny, crazy and unbelievable! Everything found has it’s own unique way of arriving to its destination!

Riding along with Rusty Saturday

Ride along the road of success with Rusty Saturday! Known for their ability to pick and recreate items to make others say, "how did they do that" is j...
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In this exciting new episode I get to meet up with an old friend who now lives in the sunny state of California. Sandra and I talk about the interesti...
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Retro Remo

In this episode we get to dive deep into the world of mid-century items with my friend Remo. We talk about his unique & groovy finds! Remo has a love ...
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The Vinyl Record Dude

   This week I got to see my friend, Nick, at his warehouse where he keeps his outstanding vinyl collection. Nick is one of my vendors at Everything G...
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My Shop & Me

 This is a little bit about my vintage shop and how I got started!
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Wood Picker Thomas Porter

 All of us "pickers" love to pick! Everyone of us have a passion for something unique which draws us to these incredible pieces! Thomas Porter has as ...
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A Girl and a Big Truck

  Taffee is one of my pickers who connected with me through social media, and is now a personal friend! Taffee travels throughout the Midwest on a jou...
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Fire Fighter Picker

Hawk is a Phoenix Fire Fighter who has a passion for not only helping others but finding unique & off the wall collectables! With only a few years lef...
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