It Got Weird

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Life is full of moments where it just gets weird!” Separated by an ocean, Jennie and Cassi navigate through life’s messiest moments....with as much humor and dignity as possible. Whether you share similar experiences or not, you’re bound to feel better about yourself, even if it’s at their expense. Embrace your weird, because it can always be worse...and therapy costs a lot.

Milfs and Nutella

Get ready to get into the New Year with a bang, and a new guest. We were graced with Patrick and he rounds out our crew quite nicely. Jennie apologize...
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Krampus Mammograms

We start the episode off learning that Brian may be racist and the Universe timely interrupts him, every chance she gets. Cassi gets her first visit t...
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Trainwrecks Kum & Go

We are joined by one of our favorite girls, Sarah B. Morgan, from the Lex & Terry Radio Network. We finally found a time where we could just catch up ...
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Meat, Engagements & Boob Pillows

We kick this episode off with a bang. From "intense" water, to Cassi's mom taking photos with a nude model...we cover so much. We take a moment to tha...
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Red Wings & Breast Milk

In total It Got Weird Fashion, It Got Super Weird!!! Back from a busy summer, the girls & Brian get caught up and instantly get welcomed with a specia...
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Body Swap

It's not easy to age gracefully and we aren't executing it exactly the way we should. Catch up with the girls as they review the latest weird encounte...
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Seattle & Hall Passes

After a long break in Episodes, we finally have a chance to catch up. We unveil our biggest highs and lows of our trip to Seattle. Learn about Jennie ...
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Virginity Cheater

We bounce around our mysterious Episode 31, and bring you Episode 32, “Virginity Cheater”. We apologize to loved ones for the upcoming weeks, and high...
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Squirrels, Urine, and Clintons

This week we celebrate our listeners that have proven to be extremely brave and share their “Confessions of Weird”. We first catch up with the ladies,...
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