It's About Damn Crime

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Tired of hearing the same old true crime stories? Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to It's About Damn Crime. A true crime podcast where co-hosts Brittney and Justine discuss true crime cases featuring people of color. So please give it a listen. Promise some of these cases will be brand new to you!

Ep. 130- The Downtown Posse

In 1992, in Dayton, Ohio, 4 teens went on a 3 day killing spree that started on Christmas Eve and referred to themselves as "The Downtown Posse". We f...
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Ep. 129- Shannon Siders

On the morning of July 18, 1989, Bob Siders came home to find his 18 year old daughter, Shannon Siders, missing. And even though her body was found a ...
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Ep. 128- Ruby McCollum

In 1952, Ruby McCollum, the wealthiest black woman in Live Oak, Florida, went into Dr. Adams office and shot him. Now, Dr. Adams was a prominent white...
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Ep. 127- Kelly Forbes

This week we start off the episode with a huge announcement and then we lead into the story of Kelly Forbes who was charged with strangling & killing ...
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Ep. 126- Mulatto Axe Murders

From 1911-1912, 49 people, predominately black and mixed race, were murdered with an axe in Texas and Louisiana. There were many theories, people ques...
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Ep. 125- Julie & Sam

On May 21st, 2010, Julie Kibuishi's body was found in Sam Herr's bed with Sam no where to be found. Automatically, everyone thought that Sam had kille...
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Ep. 124- James Byrd Jr.

This week we talk about one of the hardest stories; the death of James Byrd Jr.James was a black man who was dragged 3 miles behind a truck by 3 white...
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Ep. 123- Live Show!

We just did our first ever live show this past weekend and since we wanted to involve the crowd we decided to do Stranger Dangers. So here it is and w...
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Ep. 122- Damilola & Cristian

In this episode, we present you with a patreon episode we released last year #RIPpatreon The first case is about 10 year old Damilola Taylor who was l...
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