It's Been Real!

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I truly believe that it takes a village to succeed in the business world. Join me for real world advice that has been put to the test within my business. I keep it real 100% of the time. No sugar coating here!

S1E15 - Scheduling Your Goals

When its on our schedule it gets done.  Simple as that.  When we schedule our goals, they are so much easier to accomplish.  It gets rid of the out of...
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S1E14 - The De-stressed Damsel

We're all too familiar with the term Damsel in Distress.  But what if we flipped things upside down and became the De-stressed Damsel?  Society has it...
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S1E11 - Professional vs. Hobbyist

Professional vs. Hobbyist can sometimes be such a controversial topic in the creative industry.  Often times we misclassify ourselves and cause havoc ...
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S1E9 - Survival Mode

We've all been there!  What a horribly, terrible place to be.  It's the gift of overwhelm that keeps on giving feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration...
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