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6C- Dan Roser

Our final installment of The Dan Roser episodes is a brief one, we finish up with wrestling and head into Game of Thrones and see just how wrong John ...
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6B-Dan Roser

In our second installment with Dan Roser, we talk about Pro Wrestling, and not much else
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6A- Dan Roser

DANGER DAN ROSER is our guest!!!! In this first episode with Dan, we discuss fake IDs, The Army, food challenges, Kess' triathlon, and SPORTZ!!!!!
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5C-Jason Kesselman

In Episode III of our conversation with Jason Kesselman, he talks about 2 of our favorite people, his parents... amongst other things
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5B- Jason Kesselman

More from Jason "Kess" Kesselman as we tackle dating advice, a story from abroad, Rocky, and Kess vs. Jason.
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5A-Jason Kessleman

Jason Kesselman joins the It's Just funny to Us podcast. In this first of three episodes he discuss working in the Maldives and, of course, Star Wars.
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Episode 01-Michael Seighman

Our very first episode! Our very first name change!!! Our good friend Michael Seighman skypes in to talk about Wrestling intro songs for Presidents, S...
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