It’s Tea Time

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Couple of college kids talkin’ to a mic.

Never Have We Ever | Ep. 11

We greatly apologize for being gone for three weeks! Life has been busy, and we were trying to keep ourselves together.  This week we play Never Have ...
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Flash Debates | Ep. 10

We take each other on in quick and simple 7 minute debates.  Spoiler alert: Our mic gets more hectic throughout it as we struggle to keep our cool.
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Spelling Bee Showdown | Ep. 9

We share our first spelling bee experience together by battling each other to the death (of our pride). You may think four college sophomores would be...
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Cults - Spooktober Pt. 3 | Ep. 7

CONTENT WARNING: Some graphic/gore material.  We dive into super spooky cults, known and unknown.  We also mock Scobie a lot for deleting the podcast ...
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