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Episode 23 - Suicide of the West

Karla and Ronna discuss Jonah Goldberg's excellent book, 'Suicide of the West,' and Karla anticipates a visit from Oprah. Listen in as they discuss th...
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Episode 20 - The Templars

Hosts Karla Jacobs and Ronna McNamara discuss 'The Templars:  The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors' by Dan Jones.  Jones separates his...
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Episode 18 - Code Girls

It's a Girl Power episode!  Karla and Ronna discuss Code Girls by Liza Mundy, a detailed acount of the women who joined the ranks of the code breakers...
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Episode 14 - The Alienist

Karla Jacobs and Ronna McNamara discuss 'The Alienist,' a novel by Caleb Carr.  Listen in to find out about this book which is now a TNT series.  The ...
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