IWUHoops presents The Pursuit

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Go inside the locker room as IWUHoops trades the pursuit of me for the pursuit of 3

5.20 "Unconscious"

Episode 5.20 “Unconscious” 1st Half (1:00) Coach Tonagel reflects on the season and how to lead 'free of self' in the midst of big victories. 2nd Half...
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5.19 "The Aftermath II"

Episode 5.19 “The Aftermath II” 1st Half (1:00) Kyle Mangas, Seth Maxwell and Noah Smith go deeper on what it meant that the season was cancelled and ...
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5.18 "The Aftermath I"

Episode 5.18 “The Aftermath I” 1st Half (1:00) The seniors talk about the emotions of the tournament being cancelled. 2nd Half (26:53) Coach Tonagel s...
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5.17 "#4?"

Episode 5.17 “#4?” 1st Half (1:00) Coach Tonagel gives insight into how he was feeling heading in to the national tournament. 2nd Half (5:22) Seth Max...
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5.16 "Joy Fueled Agression II"

Episode 5.16 “Joy Fueled Agression II” 1st Half (1:00) Canaan Coffey, Tanner Rubio and Trevor Harrell share the unique way they decided to lead on the...
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5.15 "Joy Fueled Agression I"

Episode 5.15 “Joy Fueled Agression I” 1st Half (0:59) Canaan Coffey and Spencer Piercefield go inside the team's unconscious play headed into the conf...
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5.14 "Unconscious Growth"

Episode 5.14 “Unconscious Growth” 1st Half (0:30) Tanner Rubio, Kyle Mangas and Tim Adetukasi reflect on the personal transformation they were experie...
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5.13 "Unconscious of Your Role"

Episode 5.13 “Unconscious of Your Role” 1st Half (0:30) Coach Tonagel reflects on the joy a team can play with if teammates are all free of self and l...
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5.12 "Conscious of Your Role"

Episode 5.12 “Conscious of Your Role” 1st Half (0:30) Coach Tonagel shares about some of the challenges on the team in January of guys buying into the...
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5.11 "Heart Check"

Episode 5.11 “Heart Check” 1st Half (0:30) Coach Clark and Coach Welty talk about a meaningful prayer time in the midst of conference play. 2nd Half (...
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