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When best mates Tom Clark and Craig Anthony-Kelly get together they end up talking aload of old S#!T. Join them on their weekly chats about anything and everything as well as answering questions from their friends and the public, not to mention having a few LOLz with some games.

Episode 5 - Jiz In A Tiny Cup

Join Tom and Craig this week as they chat about a recent trip to the fertility clinic. They receive a voice note from West End Star of Mary Poppins, Z...
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Episode 4 - Scatology?

It’s been 3 weeks since the last episode so Craig and Tom have a lot of S#!T to chat. Join them as they answer questions from listeners, discuss flirt...
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Episode 3 - Chamber Of Secrets

On this weeks episode Craig and Tom talk about Tom's lad and his fascination with Peppa Pig and Elsa as well as answering your questions and discussin...
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Episode 2 - Tickle My Mary

In this episode Craig and Tom reveal their brand new JACKSHIT jingle. They talk about wormballs, the term "woke" and Craig exposes Tom's old facebook ...
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Episode 1 - Anal Training Kit

In this very first (no thrills) episode Tom and Craig try and come up with a name and jingle for their brand new podcast. Joined by their first guests...
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