Jae Choe Show

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The Jae Choe Show is a free audio podcast hosted by martial arts coach, Jae Choe. Guests on the show talk about their areas of expertise and lifestyle.

Shannon Kapp

"Give me the kid if you want to LIVE." Real life NETFLIX movie come true... Shannon Kapp saves children from human trafficking across the globe. Hear ...
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I will make your dreams come true. I will take care of EVERYTHING. Meet Shane Mahoney. Owner of Lugos Travel. https://www.shanemahoney360.com/
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Mayor Bill Mutz joins the show to talk about running for re-election. https://mutzformayor.com/
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Chad and Ellen Chastain

Punk Rock never really grew up... or did it? Meet Ellen and Chad Chastain; purveyors of audio and visual arts in the city of Lakeland. Chad is the fou...
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Billy Townsend

Who's interested in POWER? Public Enemy Number 1... Writer, Historian, and Former Polk County School Board member, Billy Townsend, lends his perspecti...
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Lisbeth Pacheco of Ethos Coffee

Coffee to save the world... that's a tall order. Meet Lisbeth Pacheco of Ethos Coffee Roasters. Hear her story of what led her to leave the corporate ...
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Patrick Smith

Our AVATAR... our social media one... is it truly what we are? Or what we intend to be? We go OFF on the deep end covering psychology, the human brain...
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Christina Needham of Pressed LKLD

Why would you open a BOOKSTORE in the age of digital publishing and amazon? Meet Christina Needham of PRESSED LAKELAND an independent bookstore and co...
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Art as a medium to heal wounds from abuse, addition, and trauma; as well as a conduit for recovery... Meet Amber Grubb.  https://gofund.me/4d796942htt...
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Mike Musick

Mike Musick is seeking re-election for Lakeland City Commission.https://www.musickforlakeland.com/
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