Jake and Jay


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From exploring our worst dates, Harry Potter, and how much money it would take to get in the octagon - nothing is off limits. Here we have nothing but fun exploring life together.

Fatherly Advice

Fatherly advice can be hard to come by, or at least good fatherly advice. And neither of us are dads, but hey, take it or leave it.
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Fighting Presidents

Fighting presidents doesn't seem like the greatest idea - but that depends on which president you choose to fight. This also begs the question of whic...
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Taco Donut

Today, Jay lives his dream. His actual dream. He had a dream about a taco donut.
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Worst Date Movie

Name a movie you picked out that you thought would really set the mood, but rather murdered it like Prof. Plum in the Library with the Candlestick
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