Jane and Jen Knit Funny

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Knitting what you want without breaking the bank

Episode 21: Dismantled

Contest-y Thing winners. Stash Confessions. And 10 years goes up in the blink of an eye. Episode 21: Dismantled
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Episode 20: Score!

Jen’s Finish-a-thon, a contest-y thingie, and Jane getting sucked into the time vortex with an incomprehensible chart. Episode 20: Score!
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Episode 19: UFO Sighting

Science Fiction is cool and all, but how can you avoid becoming a character in a episode of the X-Files unintentionally? Episode 19: UFO Sighting
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Episode 18: To Victory!

Hulk Smashing our way into the new year: Setting Goals, Achieving those goals, a review of the latest Vogue, and much much more! Episode 18: To Victor...
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Episode 17: Holiday Extravaganza!

Triumphs in teaching, Listener Requests, and a rousing round of Broke Ass Oprah all in Jane and Jen’s Holiday Extravaganza! Episode 17: Holiday Extrav...
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