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Je Suis Woman is about empowering women at every stage of life.

The VISION that changed my life.

In this episode I share something I have never shared publicly before... Today I am sharing the vision that changed my life seven years ago. I hope th...
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YOU Can Do Hard Things!

In this episode, I want to give you a word of encouragement. A few weeks ago my daughter was having a rough day. She learned some hard truths that I h...
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My interview with Megan Juarez

Y’all! I LOVED every minute that I got to chat with Megan Juarez! She is a hand tied extension specialist in Nashville and co owner of Salon Shade. Sh...
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Announcement Episode!!

We are expanding our podcast!!! Moving forward the name for this podcast is The Golden Life. We could not be MORE excited about this new adventure and...
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My interview with Tracy Eckert

In this weeks episode I got to interview the amazing Tracy Eckert! I seriously can’t wait for y’all to get into this podcast and get to know her story...
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How quickly can you bounce back from a negative situation? Today I’m gonna talk to you about one of the keys to being able to REALLY enjoy your life!!...
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My MOST asked question!

In this episode I answer the question that I get asked most often! “How did you do it? How can I do it? I really want to ____ but I can’t..” I LOVE yo...
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