Jess and Jays Guide to Nothing in Particular

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Bonusode! Mom group questions!

Put some breast milk on it and turn up the volume! Here is some bonus content to get you through the absence. I know you’ll miss us, but we will be ba...
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10 year challenge

How much have you changed in 10 years? Over the past few weeks social media has been overtaken with the ten year challenge. It’s really just a way to ...
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My Goldfish Ran Away

Spending time with your family can be uncomfortable. We are here to help you get out of it! Admit it, not everyone enjoys extended family time during ...
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All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

Hot mess express alert! Come on guys, we know we aren’t the only ones over here. Some days it just seems like no matter how hard we try, things just d...
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Hormone Monster!

Let’s face it, having babies is hard. You watch your body morph into something unrecognizable but beautiful, all while your hormones crank up to Godzi...
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Don’t be a garbage human!

We’ve all seen it, right? Some irate customer being a complete donkey to the underpaid over worked customer service person. It can be a server, a cash...
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You’re not crazy!!

After having kids everyone always talks about postpartum depression. No one ever talks about postpartum ANXIETY. Who even knew that was a thing? Jess ...
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Oversharing Sharon

You haven’t brushed your teeth in a week? No sex in six months? Woah Sharon that’s way too much information and I just met you like 5 minutes ago. Com...
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