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Like unfiltered conversations? Enjoy offensive jokes? You're on the right pod! The Jewel Pod is a conversation with people from many facets of life. If you love talking about movies, music, politics, and philosophy you're in the right place! Support this podcast:

#45 Religion and Comics

It's been a long time since this conversation happened in December of 2019. Hopefully this will distract you from the news and current situation! Enjo...
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#44 A Special Author

Annis Jackson is a murder mystery author and my grandma! Listen to grandma and I discuss the Rachel Myers series, her Lincoln book, Amazon publishing,...
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#43 A Painfully Pathetic Protest

Hit the Jewel and listen to Matt discuss the Turning Point USA protest at NC State, review episode 1 of the Mandalorian, review American History X, an...
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#42 Terminator Dark Stool

My fault. I haven't been uploading consistently. Catch up with me on Jewel Pod #42 as I discuss Mortal Kombat, the Terminator series, NC State footbal...
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#41 Gay Latino Bar

Listen to Matt discuss NC State vs Syracuse and NC State vs Boston College, Halloween (1978), his first experience clubbing in college, and more! Jewe...
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#40 Joaquin Made Me Do It

WARNING: Potentially triggering material is discussed in this Jewel Pod. If you believe violent movies and video games cause mass shootings you may cl...
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#39 No Jokes Allowed

On this episode of the Jewel Pod Matt tells a joke that will undoubtedly get him fired from a decent job. What a great time we live in! Listen to Matt...
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#38 Joe Biden's Eye & Teeth

Listen to Matt discuss The Boys, aerospace engineering, The 2019 DNC Debates, and more! Jewel Pod Donation page: Social me...
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#37 NC State & The Boys

Welcome back sort of! Listen to Matt discuss university life, NCSU football, The Boys, the future of the Jewel Pod, and more!  Jewel Pod Donation page...
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#36 A First Responder

Jacob works for EMS and is a cook. Jacob and Matt took precalculus together at community college. Listen in as Jacob shares his stories of being an EM...
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