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Wall to the Ball

  Download this Video Tom Stow often introduced the simplicity of the volley technique by using a stool or chair such that the player would be still, ...
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The Other Side of the Net

http://dg2e30wx7kvei.cloudfront.net/eti_network/ETI_TheOtherSideOfTheNet.mp4 Download this Video Some time ago I was in Sacramento watching the Power ...
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Listen to your hits

Watching the ball - moving into position - you can always listen to the outcome! The post Listen to your hits appeared first on Jim McLennan's Es...
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ETI 046 | Gravity Motion

Agility = moving quickly and easily.  We know when we are gliding, we know when we are moving heavily. Equally, when can see on the adjacent court who...
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ETI 045 | Sidespin Serve

Pete Sampras, "I won 7 Wimbledon titles because I had the best second serve in the game." The second serve is about spin that will make the ball curve...
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ETI 042 | Measure Twice Cut Once

https://dg2e30wx7kvei.cloudfront.net/eti_podcast/ETI_042_Measure_Twice_Cut_Once.mp4 The carpenter measures twice to cut once, to make sure the cut is ...
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ETI 041 | Quantum Tennis/Golf

Many interesting parallels have been drawn between the tennis serve and the golf swing. Once the tennis player (or golfer) gets the feel for the mecha...
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