Jisko Archival Records

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Congratulations! You’re officially a human! Welcome to Earth. Explore tropical beaches, your rigid alien limbs, and the twists and turns of the human psyche that refuse to let you sleep. Jisko Archival Records is a story about identity, companionship, purpose, and warm crusty donuts. New episodes every other Tuesday.

Episode 4 - Anger

Who is the mysterious man behind the voice on the records? Are his powers constrained to earthly bounds?
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Episode 3 - Love

This episode is called "Love" because it is all about loneliness. We all love Porky, yes we do, but is Porky enough to be Lyn's only friend? Is Lyn re...
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Episode 2 - Food

Oh, how we crave the Spongy Grey Bread from the bunker. We need the little loaf. We yearn for the Spongy Grey Bread.
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