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A weekly podcast show based in Columbus, Ohio. Host Joby Butler, sits down with friends and strangers to talk about every corner of life you can imagine. Movies, music, current events and so much more. You can also watch this podcast on YouTube. Gritty, raw, and hilarious...ANYTHING goes in this podcast, that everyone should check out! For the full experience, watch it at:

Episode 22 - Aaron Tiberi

SEASON TWO! We are back, sitting down with my good friend, talking about Marvel movies, growing up with the internet, the death of truth in journalism...
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Episode 20 - McKenzie Sittler

Episode 20 is all about the customer service and 4 Non Blondes. I'm joined by my good friend, McKenzie Sittler. We talk about how we became friends, a...
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Episode 17 - Jesse Hubbard

Join me for a special 17th episode. I sit down with Jesse Hubbard, winner of #614magazine 2019 Cointreau Challenge, and Bar Manager at Great Southern ...
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Episode 16 - J.J. Sullinger

WE ARE BACK. Joining me for the first episode of Season Two is former Buckeye, J.J. Sullinger. J.J. is a former starter for The Ohio State University'...
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Episode 14 - Miguel Johnson

My good friend, Miguel Johnson, joins me for Episode 14. Join us as we sit down and talk about aliens, the worst fashion fads for men, our favorite mo...
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Episode 13 - Shannon Ross

Another action-packed episode! Episode 13 with Shannon Ross brings the laughs. We sit down and talk about what it's like selling sex toys, what Pure R...
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Episode 12 - Rachel Wagner

Rachel Wagner joins me for a hilarious episode 12. We talk about our childhood, growing up together in the same small town, and the local pool where w...
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