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Get back your cutting edge

There are 3 principles that will learn from this young prophet in today’s text that will help us get back our cutting edge. Read online: http://www.jt...
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Faced with a crisis

God uses crisis in life to wake us up and help us see what truly matters. Naaman would have gone through life trusting himself and all his achievement...
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God uses our emptiness

In her emptiness/nothingness, she went to the Prophet Elisha and she learned something about nothing! She learned what God can do with an empty vessel...
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Dream Big things

Today it may be that God is calling you to do something bigger than you can imagine yourself being able to do: an impossible dream. Read online: http:...
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How to make a comeback

The story of Ruth contains at least three powerful principles for STARTING OVER WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT: Read online:
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The failure of Human Wisdom

As we look at the story of Abimelech it reads like a screenplay written to demonstrate the pitfalls of Human wisdom. To fully appreciate the wisdom Go...
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Be careful to Finish well

The Israelites saw Gideon as a saviour; Gideon saw the Lord as Saviour and humbly points them to God (8:22-23) and while I wish we could end Gideon’s ...
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What might have been

You can really lose perspective if you try to dwell on things that might have been instead of living with and dealing with what is and what could stil...
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Growing in the wilderness

Sometimes it may seem like God isn’t doing much in our lives and that we are just walking around some sort of wilderness. But even when to us it looks...
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